Programs around Lake Balaton
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Programs around Lake Balaton

Lake Balaton is the largest fresh-water lake in Western and Central Europe, its average water depth is approximately three metres, so it is one of the shallowest lakes around the world. It is a significant tourist destination and one of our most precious natural treasures, many tourists visit the lake every year. Numerous programs and excursions are offered around Lake Balaton throughout the year, you can find a few of them on our website. For more information please visit local websites. 

Facts about Lake Balaton 

Length: 79 km
Average width: 7,7 km
Maximum width: Balatonaliga - Balatonalmádi
Minimum width: at the Tihany Peninsula
Area: 594 sq km
Shore length: 195 km
Average depth: 3 m
Maximum depth: 12,5 m (nearTihany)
Minimum depth: 0,5 - 0,8 m on the south shore, 1,2 - 2 m on the north shore
Height above sea level: 104 m