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Dear passengers!

You can't book in our online -booking sytem in 72 hours! Please send us an e-mail to info@busexpress.hu or call our telephone number: +36 83 777 088 (Viber is possible!)

Enter the arrival time of the flight (train, bus), in case of backway the departure time of the flight (train, bus). If you are traveling to an address (not to a departing flight), the pick up time.

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Terms and Conditions

1. Reservations are accepted and guaranteed in writing (via email: info@busexpress.hu or with a code on our online surface).Our colleagues or the automatic reservation system can confirm the reservations in the order of arrival.The contract is concluded between the customer and the service provider with the written reservation and the subsequent confirmation.In case of reservations over the phone, we accept no liability for inadequate placing and recording of the reservation.

2. You can modify your reservation free of charge. If the modification you wish to make coincides with an other reservation, we can not accept it, but it is still free of charge.

3. You are able to cancel your reservation free of charge 72 hours before the start of the journey, within 72 hours 100 percent of the total price of the reservation will be charged.This also applies to the reservations made within 72 hours before the start of the journey, in case of no-show and if the guest does not notice our waiting board and gets to the hotel using other vehicles.

4. Your telephone number must be provided with your reservation. To ensure proper communication and make our work easier, please provide an available mobile phone number through which we can contact you and send short messages any time. Our company does not assume any responsibility for problems arising from incorrectly specified phone numbers.

5. If the passenger is/was to pay the transfer directly to our company, the costumer placing the reservation has to cover the expenses on the basis of what was described in Section 3.

6. With your reservation you have to indicate the amount of luggage you wish to take with yourself. Our rates include luggage allowance: 1 suitcase+handluggage/passenger. If you indicate in advance and it is possible to carry additional bags or non-standard luggage (bicycle, wheel-chair, other large-sized medical tools, baby carriage, sports equipment, etc.), an extra 6 EUR/package is charged.If you do not indicate it in advance, the delivery of additional packages can not be guaranteed, the extra shipping fee of non-standard sized packages should be borne by the passenger completely.

7. If you wish to take your dog or pet with you, you have to pay an extra fare of 15 EUR/occassion. You can take the dog on a leash, equipped with a muzzle, any other pets in a basket, cage, box on board.You must also have valid health documents for the pets.

8. We are not responsible for items left in the car, we do not accept any claims for compensation.Lost properties can be claimed up to 1 year. If you request, we can send you the objects you left in the car at your expense.

9. If passengers do injure or mess in the car, always all of repairs and / or cleaning costs will be charged. 

10. We have to charge the postage of the invoice, the domestic postal tarrif is 1 EUR, the international postal tarrif is 3 EUR.

11. One hour wait time after the requested arrival of our vehicle is included in our current prices.If for any reason our car has to wait more than that at the airport or the station (if it is possible and does not coincide with an other reservation), for each hour commenced the passenger/customer has to pay 10 EUR before/after departure.

12. If you choose shared or normal transfer service, it is possible that you have to wait 0-90 minutes for passengers arriving by an other plane. In case of flight delays the waiting period can be longer, supposing that the passengers can not be regrouped.Our company is not subject to liability or compensation owing to flight delays and longer waiting periods.

13. If you choose shared or normal transfer, we reserve the right to change the departure time of our shuttle service. (Of course, in case of transfers to the airport we take the departure times of the planes into consideration.)We inform our passengers in time under any circumstances.

14. If we have to reorganize our services owing to technical reasons, it is possible that we can not provide the pre-booked private or VIP transfer services, only shared or normal services.In such cases, a reduced price has to be paid by the passenger for the shuttle service. Our company is not subject to liability and compensation.

15. In case of airport arrival, our drivers await the passengers with waiting boards in the arrival terminal.Since several passengers may arrive at different terminals at the same time, it is possible that the driver is not at the specific terminal, please wait for the driver inside the terminal in any case.

16. We do not take responsibility for delays due to circumstances beyond our control (accidents, road closures, traffic jams, detours, etc.) and damages arising from delays,but we try to minimize the extent of damage.

17. Our liability for damages is limited to the value of the tickets purchased.

18. By using our services, you agree to be bound by our terms (Section 1-19).With your reservation you accept the conditions of travelling.If the client makes the reservation for more than one person,a statement should be made on behalf of all passengers that they accept the terms and conditions of travelling.

19. The lack of knowledge of the terms and conditions described above does not release from responsibility.

We wish you a pleasant journey!