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Phone: +36 83 777 088


Dear passengers!

You can't book in our online -booking sytem in 72 hours! Please send us an e-mail to or call our telephone number: +36 83 777 088 (Viber is possible!)

Enter the arrival time of the flight (train, bus), in case of backway the departure time of the flight (train, bus). If you are traveling to an address (not to a departing flight), the pick up time.

Our contacts: 

+36 (83) 777 088

Phone number for
on the way passengers:
+36 (20) 77 77 088


Airport shuttle


Our drivers arrive to the airport on the basis of the flight number and the arrival time specified in your reservation.

Our tip! Please specify the flight number and the arrival time precisely for more accurate service.

We wait for our passengers with printed nameboards, we indicate the passenger’s name or any other writing on it.We await our passengers at the exit of the arrival lounge.You can easily recognize our colleagues by their BusExpress uniforms (white shirts with BusExpress labels on their collars, dark-coloured jackets with white BusExpress logo on the front and the back). It is possible that the driver is not there when the guest arrives at the arrival waiting area.We ask our passengers to wait patiently in the arrival area.As far as possible we inform our guests about the waiting time and if it is modified, the place where they should wait.

Our tip! Please give us your mobile phone number through which we can contact you or send you messages: 00 (country code) phone number. For example: 00(36) 20 7 777 088


Passengers should arrive to the airport 1.5-2 hours before the departure of the airplane. We start our vehicles accordingly.If you wish to travel at a different hour, we try to fulfil your request as far as possible, but in this case we can not accept responsibility for delays.Our vehicle will be waiting at the given address at the particular time concerted. If the driver does not get there in time, we will notify our passengers.

Our tip! Please give us your mobile phone number through which we can contact you or send you messages: 00 (country code) phone number. For example: 00(36) 20 7 777 088 

Passenger transport

We transfer our passengers not only from airports to airports, but from any given address to the other. You only have to give us the starting address, the departure date and time, the place of destination.You can reserve our services in writing: via email, fax or through our reservation system.You can reserve our services in our reservation system 72 hours prior to departure time.If you would like to make a reservation within 72 hours or you can not find the desired address in our reservation system, send us an email or give us a call.

Our tip! Book your transfer as soon as possible, do not leave it to the last minute! 


VIP transfer

If you wish to reserve an exclusive car, or you do not want to adapt to other passengers, or you would like to reach your destination as fast as possible, choose our VIP transfer services.Our VIP services can be reserved in writing (in our reservation system or via email, fax), we send you a written confirmation of your reservation.

If you have any questions, feel free to contact us, we are at your complete disposal: 

Tel: +36 (83) 777 088