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Dear passengers!

You can't book in our online -booking sytem in 72 hours! Please send us an e-mail to info@busexpress.hu or call our telephone number: +36 83 777 088 (Viber is possible!)

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+36 (83) 777 088


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+36 (20) 77 77 088


Our company has been engaged in passenger transport from 2007, and it has become one of the largest transfer enterprises of the area.

In every year we renew and change. In 2016 we went through major changes. We moved to a new worksite, and started the high season with a spacious office and a well-equipped workshop. We sold our big buses, and replaced our cars and minivans with new ones. Our offer has also expanded with an exclusive service: from the end of this year a Volkswagen Multivan is available for our clients. The comfortable car with armchairs offers a unique travel experience up to six passengers. 

Our corporate philosophy is to serve the needs of the passengers on the highest level providing troublefree shuttle service with the help of high-quality and clean cars and coaches. Several, larger travel agencies and hotels are our partners, they can guarantee that our services and prices are able to meet the domestic and the international requirements. 

A continuous change is important in a company's life. Need to pay attention to market trends, demands, and have to adapt to them. Change is the driving force, the opposite of flagging attention. Keep this always in mind and you will continue to walk on the right way ......